Turbo Clean PC Optimizer Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, we have noticed that many of our users have similar questions and concerns. We have  accumulated this series of questions to try to make our site, and our product, as user friendly and efficient as possible! To spare you from making a phone call, or trying to figure something out on your own, we have tried to answer some of our most common questions here. However, our friendly tech support is always available to answer any questions or walk you through an issue if it is not addressed below, or you don’t understand a response. Please feel free to browse the questions and answers below.  You can also email us at [email protected] or Call Us at 1-866-426-3667.  One of our technicians will respond with help!


What is Turbo Clean PC Optimizer?

Turbo Clean PC Optimizer is a program that aims to restore your computer’s hard drive, and your windows registry, to run more cleanly and efficiently. It will scan your entire system, to allow you to delete unwanted files, corrupt files, error messages, outdated programs, and all of the other things that makes your computer not as efficient as before.


Is Turbo Clean PC Optimizer available online?

Turbo Clean PC Optimizer is available online. You can download it by visiting TurboCleanPC.com and clicking on “Free Scan.” The program will automatically begin downloading and scanning your system- free of charge! If the free scan does not begin automatically after downloading, click on the button that says “Find Errors” in the application to begin the scan.


Is there a trial version of Turbo Clean PC Optimizer?

Absolutely! You can try out the scanning capabilities of Turbo Clean PC Optimizer to see how many errors are found free of charge. Additionally, the first 25 errors will be removed for free!  We believe it’s important that our users get to try the product, and determine if they like its interface, effectiveness, and the entire experience before making a purchase. There is not a long-term trial version of Turbo Clean PC Optimizer.


How do I get a Turbo Clean PC Optimizer product activation key?

Once you purchase Turbo Clean PC Optimizer you will receive a receipt via email. This invoice contains the activation key for you to legally register Turbo Clean PC Optimizer.

To input the product activation key, open the program and click on the “Register Now” button in the bottom left corner.  A box will appear requesting that you enter the activation key. Enter the product key that you received in the email.

If you experience any trouble or misplace your activation key, send us an email at [email protected]. One of our technicians will help you!


What if Turbo Clean PC Optimizer will not scan my computer?

If your computer is infected with a virus, you may have trouble running a scan. In this case, you definitely want to send us an email at [email protected]. One of our technicians will help determine what’s going on with your computer and get it resolved!  Sometimes your computer’s antivirus program automatically blocks the free scan from running as well, since it believe it’s blocking an unknown file.  You can try deactivating your antivirus software and try to scan again. If this doesn’t work, you may have a virus. In this case, it may be more important that you give is a call or send us an email.  We’ll make sure all your issues get resolved.


How do I uninstall Turbo Clean PC Optimizer?

Please visit our page www.turbocleanpc.com/uninstall.


How many computers can use the same product key?

At this time, all of our software license keys are issued for one computer only.


Why is my computer getting slower and slower?

The slowdown of your PC is something that occurs with time and regular use. Sometimes even new computers experience significant slowdown.  It is normal that computers slow down, as your older (and possibly outdated) operating system attempts to understand and run newer software and new technology. Although you will certainly experience this in your computer, it doesn’t have to result in constant system freezes, shutdowns, and slow startups and response times. Turbo Clean PC Optimizer was designed specifically to help your operating system handle these issues and keep your system running well. In fact, as old and outdated files become corrupt, they can cause damage to your system or lead to an entire system failure. Using a program like Turbo Clean PC Optimizer will prevent this from happening, extending the life of your PC.

Additionally, everyday use results in an increased amount of data, outdated files, duplicate files, cookies, history, and obsolete information being stored on your system. I’m sure you can understand how sluggish this makes your computer, just reading about it!  Cleaning out your system to remove all that junk will help speed up your computer significantly.

Finally, a clean running and fully operational Windows Registry is central to a fast PC.  In order to avoid slowing down the computer, your Windows Registry needs to be regularly optimized. Otherwise, your system will constantly be wasting energy and resources trying to run with an inefficient and disorganized registry. Turbo Clean PC Optimizer helps you regularly clean  and organize the Windows Registry, which helps prevent error messages and shutdowns. Again, if this is not done on a regular basis, you could experience a total system failure.

So, to keep your beloved computer with you for a longer period of time, download Turbo Clean PC Optimizer to make sure that your computer’s registry is clean.


Will Turbo Clean PC Optimizer scan my computer automatically? Or do I need to run it manually?

You can customize your scanning schedule to run automatically whenever you want!  You can select the frequency with which your scans are run, too.  Click on the Settings in the Turbo Clean PC Optimizer application and set your scan schedule to your preferences!

Turbo Clean PC Optimizer will automatically scan your computer at Startup.  You can customize your preferences regarding the startup scan in Startup Manager, including the applications that you want to scan with each startup scan.

If you need help customizing your preferences, send us an email at [email protected].


Can I scan just one part of my hard drive?

Turbo Clean PC Optimizer allows you to select the areas of your hard drive that you want to scan in the Settings tab of Turbo Clean PC Optimizer. For additional help, message us at [email protected] for support with one of our knowledgable technicians.


Will everything found in the scan be automatically deleted?

Turbo Clean PC Optimizer will show you a list of all the detected files, data, processes and other unwanted items in your computer after a scan. You can then decide which items to delete and what you want to ignore. You will most likely want to delete the majority of the items found, and will probably be surprised at the amount of junk that accumulates on your computer on a daily basis!


Does Turbo Clean PC Optimizer backup my Windows Registry?

When you scan your system, the program automatically creates a backup to your Windows Registry so you don’t need to worry about backing up your Windows Registry on your own.

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